Entrepreneur, who is a wife, mother, an environmental scientist, poetry performer and an author.
Babalwa’s vision as a South African female business owner and entrepreneur, is to be a voice of consciousness, an instrument of change in the manner on which development and environmental matters are handled. The common value of respect and authenticity, is a critical success factor in all the operations Babalwa is engaged in and she partakes in women emancipation activities.

About MeMy Book

About Me

Entrepreneur, who is a wife, mother, an environmental scientist, poetry performer and an author.

Inspiring South African ​ Business Woman

Born in South Africa, in a rural village of Umtata, called Dukathole, in the Eastern Cape Province.

She has been running her own science consulting business for 10 years and has contributed in poverty alleviation and building people’s sense of worth through equipping them with skills and providing them with a platform to shine at her companies. She was a finalist in Business Woman Association regional start-up awards in 2005.

She has been declared a finalist in the CEO Most influential Woman in Business and government Awards 2015 and 2016.

She has authored Greetings from my core- a poetry book that addresses themes of social cohesion and economic emancipation. The very same poetic expressions are now pouring out as poetic garments to adorn the human core through the company called ZenQ Core Fashion Designs which she co-owns, also having obtained a certificate from Design School of Southern Africa for dress making.

Achievements and Academic Qualifications

• Winner – 2016 Standard Bank Tshwane Business Awards (Women Entrepreneur of the Year)
• First runner up – 2016 South Africa’s Premier Black Business Awards (Outstanding Woman in Business)
• Finalist – 2015/16 Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business & Government Awards
• Winner – 2016 Woman of Wonder Awards
• Nominated as one of Phenomenal African Women
• A Business Women Association: Finalist for Regional Achiever Awards, 2007
• Received a SA Association for Advancement of Science Award for an outstanding MSc degree in the Faculty of Science, 1999

Academic Qualifications

• Master of Science – Wits University (Cum Laude), 1999
• Bachelor of Science Honours (Botany) – Wits University, 1997
• Bachelor of Science – University of Transkei, 1996

Affiliations and Professional Registration


International Association of Impact Assessments – SA African affiliate

Professional Registration

• Registered in terms of Article 11 of Natural Scientific Professions Act, 1993 (Act 106 of 1993). Professional title: Pr. Sci.Nat
• Environmental Auditor: Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), Lincoln, UK


A Sustainable Quality of Life

Babalwa founded “Myezo Environmental Management Services (Pty) LTD” whose mission is to provide wise environmental solutions which promote responsible environmental stewardship, as well as upliftment of social, economic and ecological sanity.

Her passion regarding environmental consciousness, goes beyond just professional implementation. Our progression as a nation from mere preservation to conservation and promotion of environmental responsible development with socio-economic responsibility and commitment is now at the core of any development. Her advisory expertise are in this area of caring for our environmental resources.

She embraced her spirituality and chose to honour God pas she believes is the author of creation, including her life.

Fashion as an extension of one’s soul

Babalwa partnered with a French head designer, who has more than 40 years’ experience to start ZenQ Core Fashion Designs (ZenQ).  Zen Q is a dynamic, vibrant fashion house which provides its clientele with a touch of class, style opulence and decadence. ZenQ sells contentment and a connection with client’s core. The individual’s inner core, is allowed to be alive and communicated without saying a word.

ZenQ is committed to socio economic development and through the partnership with a Non-profit Company, Vintage Recycling Project, they are empowering disadvantaged and abused women to gain their sense of worth through the skills we teach them such as sewing. The focus is on developing these women to become self-sufficient and to be able to run their own sustainable income generating micro enterprises. Women emancipation activities are at the forefront of this fashion label.

My Book

Greetings from My Core

A Unique South African Poetry Book

• Babalwa has achieved recognition as a unique South African poet with her poetry book “Greetings from My Core” having recently been published

• Babalwa Fatyi fathoms the depths of life and existence in her book, Greetings From My Core. A collection of deep verses, the book tackles the acknowledgment of one’s presence and being, as well as songs and aspirations, travels, victories and supernatural encounters of our core

• Just like the principle of greeting is about acknowledging others, “Greetings from My Core” is about the acknowledgement of our presence, our being, as well as the songs and aspirations, travels, victories, and supernatural encounters of our core. My inspirations are about life experiences, the depth of our being, and the revelation that I am more than my physicality.


Contributions & Mentoring

Babalwa proposes to learn and impart growth opportunities to those who are within her circle of influence. This prompted her to develop a learning academy called Myezo Growth and Development Institute whose contribution includes:

  • Community development projects for uplifting and empowering of our children, youth and women.
  • Dialogues, enrichment engagements and collaboration initiatives with humanity to facilitate progress and active citizenship, which begins with each individual’s role.
  • Enrichments and expansion of knowledge base, in selected fields, including enhancement of existing skills through training, mentoring and coaching.
  • Events, webinars, seminars, workshops, conference and activities that will create champion and stewards of change. Giving all a headway in life by creating sustainable opportunities for self-development and advancement.
  • Resource, administrative and information centre for change, growth and development-acting as a nucleus for change.


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